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Selling Gold Jewelry ?
WARNING! Before selling your unwanted gold jewelry you must see this shocking news video, It shows you who to avoid and also shows you where to get the HIGHEST CASH PAYMENT!
FOX "5" News Uncovers the Truth
Behind the Jewelry Buying Industry is a Gold Refinery, which
means that you will be avoiding the Middle-Man

They Pay 3X's More than Anyone Else!

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Are you thinking about selling gold jewelry? It makes perfect sense to sell now with gold prices being at their highest level in over a decade, in fact, there is actually a good chance that you might even get more for your gold jewelry than what you paid for it several years ago, however, you must take some precautions.

With gold prices soaring to unprecedented levels, there are many Gold Buyers who are jumping on the band wagon claiming to pay you market value for your gold when in actual fact all they are doing is acting as a "broker" between you and a gold refinery, in other words, they are buying your gold jewelry and turning around and reselling it to a gold refinery themselves. What this means is that they will pay you
a very small percentage of the actual gold value and then resell it for huge profits.
CashForGoldUSA DOES NOT act as a "Gold broker", that's because they are a Gold Refinery, and as a result they will pay you the highest price amongst any
other competitor online and they guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with
your payment or they will gladly return your jewelry with no questions asked!

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Customer Testimonials:
"I was about to sell some of my unwanted gold jewelry to one of those other companies but I just happened to find your web site, now I am going with your recommendation, Thanks for the information!"
- Lindsay M.  San Jose, California, USA

"I wish I had seen this web site before I got scammed... I sold a couple of gold rings to one of those so called "gold brokers" and they sent me back
a check for a measly $17.64, when I demanded they send my rings back, they said it was too late."
- Steve P.  Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I just recieved a check for $187.93 for an old necklace that I never wear any more, the best part is that I only paid about $150.00 for it 8 years ago!
- Gayle T.  Vanvouver, British Columbia, Canada

Get Paid 3X's More Cash for Gold 

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(10) Comments:

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Joanne says:

I've got a bunch of old gold jewelry that I never wear anymore and I was wondering if anybody else has sold their jewelry to "Cash For Gold USA"

My husband brought my jewelry to a local pawn shop and he was very disappointed with the amount of money they offered him, so he didn't sell it.

We're thinking we could get much more for it from one of those gold brokers we see online, that's when we came upon this website

Can anybody share their experience in dealing with Cash For Gold USA...

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Christine says:

Hi Joanne,

Yes, I had a very good experience with them, I sent them 2 gold necklaces and 3 gold rings and I was very happy with the amount of cash they paid me.

I did a lot of homework and everybody I called gave me an estimate that was substantially less than what they were willing to pay, so I went with them

They also have an excellent guarantee... If you are not happy with your payment, they will return your gold... but I'm sure you'll be happy... I was!

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Brenda says:

I agree with Christine, I also sent in some of my old and broken jewelry and was extremely happy with the payment, in fact I got more than what I initially paid for it... these guys are top notch.

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Susan says:

I got ripped off in the past by one of those OTHER "cash for gold" companies, and now after watching that video, I only wish I had seen this website first!


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Brian says:

As far as I'm concerned these guys pay the most in the industry...

I operate a "Gold Party business" (similar to a Tupperware party)

Basically I arrive at the party equipped with a gold tester, scale and loupe to evaluate each person's gold, then I offer them cash on the spot, I then turn around and sell it to a gold refinery... I have chosen Cash For Gold USA as
my refinery of choice because they are the best and they pay the most.

If you're still sitting on the fence, I suggest you go with them, you will not be disappointed!

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Kelly says:

Hi Brian,

The only thing about selling jewelry at a gold party is that You will offer them substantially less than what they could get if they sold it directly to the refinery themselves... you are in affect acting as a middle man!

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Brian says:

Yes Kelly, you are exactly right, that is the nature of a gold party, it is convenient to be able to be paid cash on the spot but you will definitely get less than if you were to deal direct

That's why I'm offering you my advice and I suggest that you send it directly to, they are the Nation’s leading Precious Metal Refinery and they pay out at least 3x's more then their competitors

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Lisa says:

I am very impressed with them, I had my cash for gold deposited straight into my Paypal account the same day they received my jewelry.

I suggest that if you have a paypal account you should take advantage of their quick pay option and you'll be paid immediately into your account

They will also pay you to refer people to them... I've told all my friends and family about them and everybody has been very happy with their payments, and I get a nice chunk of money for doing so... These guys are superb!

gold jewelry graphic
Peter says:

Have you guys seen the price of gold lately?... It's over $1,400.00 an ounce

It make sense to sell your scrap jewelry now before the prices begin to drop

my 2 cent,

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Heather says:

I agree and I just requested a GoldPak, it'll be nice to get paid for some old jewelry I have laying around... I'll never wear it, so I might as well cash in :-)

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